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Come OM to YogaCrossroads
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Getting Started & Class Etiquette First-time students:  Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to class to meet the teacher and complete the student disclosure and release form. Remove shoes and socks before entering the studio - benches and coat rack are provided in the small changing area. Yoga practice is done in bare feet using a sticky mat. Studio floor is heated during the winter months. Come to class hydrated and with an empty stomach. If you have a light meal or snack prior to class, it should be eaten at least two hours before your session begins. If you bring water with you; please leave water bottles in the changing area during class. Complimentary bottled water is available for students before or after class. Please no gum chewing during class; gum presents a choking hazard. Please refrain from wearing body scents or perfume. Wear comfortable clothing - Shorts, cropped pants, yoga pants or footless tights are good choices; paired with a t-shirt, tank top or workout top.  Knees should be visible so the teacher can check alignment of the legs. Be comfortable - yoga involves movement!  Whatever kind of clothing you wear to class should move with you. Natural fibers tend to be more comfortable than synthetic fibers and wick away moisture from the body. During summer months, the studio is cooled with floor and ceiling fans and/or open windows for fresh air circulation. Be respectful of your fellow students and teacher by arriving a few minutes before class.  If you are a private lesson student and need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours ahead of your lesson in order to avoid being charged in full. As each class ends with a relaxation sequence, socks and blankets are provided for additional warmth as needed on cold days. When taking lessons at our studio, mats and props are provided.  If you prefer, you can bring and use your personal mat and props. If you choose to use personal items, please be sure they are easily identifiable – and remember to take them home with you! YogaCrossroads is not responsible for lost or stolen items.