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Resources This page contains links to yoga-related resources and information; student resources such as home practice sequencing; glossary of terms and a series of articles.  There is also information on library materials available for current students. Yoga-Links Yoga Journal - online version of the magazine; a great source of simple home practices as well as articles on meditation and yoga philosophy Temple of Kriya Yoga - hatha yoga & meditation classes in Chicago; lectures, books, online and home study programs and courses. BKS Iyengar - website of the "Father of Modern Yoga"; Iyengar Institute in India offering seminars and classes International Association of Yoga Therapists - research on the use of yoga as a therapeutic modality; creates standards of practice for yoga therapists Yoga Kids - tips and tools for teaching yoga to children Whole Foods - online site of the store by the same name; great source of vegetarian recipes Sprouts Farmers Market (formerly Sunflower Market) “Serious Food, Silly Prices” Vegetarian Times - online version of the magazine; good source for recipes Kashi - Seven Whole Grains on a Mission - tips on health, nutrition and food Fran's House of Ayurveda - recipes Ayurvedic Institute - Ayurvedic studies programs, books, materials, products, panchakarma treatments Gaiam - natural products, yoga clothing
Student Resources HOME PRACTICE INFORMATION & SEQUENCES (PDF Documents) What is a Home Practice - How Can I Establish One? A First Home Practice Sequence Morning Eye-Opener/Energizer Sequence (just 20 minutes long!) General Sequence #2 - Standing Asanas for Level 1 General Sequence #1 - Standing Asanas & Vinyasa for Level 1+ Chandra Namaskar - Salutation to the Moon Anytime Stress Relief Sequence End of Day Stress Relief Sequence Relief for Menopausal Symptoms Sequence (sequence suitable for anyone) STUDENT LIBRARY  YogaCrossroads maintains a student ‘lending library’ of books related to the eight limbs of yoga. These books are available for students to borrow for up to two weeks. Other books become available over time.  If a book has been recommended to you, ask if it is in the YogaCrossroads library and available for borrowing. This is an opportunity to 'try before you buy'. YOGA ARTICLES Yoga As Medicine Yoga & Strength Build Stress Resilience Yoga & the Survival of a Type-A Personality Yoga & Autistic Children